Vers'eau is a non-alcoholic apéritif created with grapes and botanicals locally sourced from the Great Lakes region. Longtime friend and collaborator Stanton McConnell created this beverage as a love letter to Lake Michigan sunsets and Midwestern summers. The logomark was designed by Camilo Medina, along with visual elements designed by Rico Vigil. A favorite project was the insert included in every case of Vers'eau, filled with flavor notes, poems and activities. In the words of Stan, "Just like liner notes to a great record, we wanted to give people something to set the mood and complement the product. We took time to make sure the vibe was just right and had fun with non-traditional brand storytelling.”

Brand expression


Founded by

Stanton McConnell

Cover art by

Logo by

Camilo Medina

Photography by

Creative Direction by

Copywriting by

Designed in collaboration with

Designed for

Contributing designs by

Rico Vigil


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