All Tomorrow's Pastries

All Tomorrow's Pastries is a vegan cookbook full of desserts from Mariana C. B. Marinho, founder and creative director of Vaca's Creamery. The book teaches the basics of vegan pastry and includes instructions on how to customize each recipe with your desired flavors. Mariana came to me with a notebook full of recipes and an iPhone full of photos of delicious-looking cakes and pies from over the years. We came up with a unique way of showcasing the images to make them look more engaging than an average phone shot. After much collaboration, editing, tasting(!) and designing, we were so proud to receive this beautiful finished product that showcases all of Mariana's ideas and celebrates her Brazilian upbringing. All Tomorrow's Pastries is as much a workbook as it is a cookbook, encouraging the baker to jot down notes and play around with recipes. The design captures the nature of baking and the excitement of getting a beautiful finished product.

Book design

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Founded by

Mariana C. B. Marinho and Dylan Sutcliff

Cover art by

Joshua Clay Johnson

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All Tomorrow's Pastries

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