Don’t leave them kids alone

How many of you are good at math? See if you can figure out this simple equation:

[(Feeding students semen via plastic spoons and cookies) + (Letting Madagascar cockroaches crawl all over their faces)] x Inappropriate touching – common sense = ?

If Miramonte Elementary School teachers Mark Berndt and Martin Springer spent a little time paying attention in college themselves, they would have learned the correct answer is “replacing the entire staff and faculty in the middle of the school year and possibly getting registered as a sex offender for the rest of my life.”

But since they apparently thought the correct answer was, “getting away with inapprorpiate acts for years,” the students at Miramonte have now been academically as well as emotionally traumatized.

“The school was on the upswing. Test scores were rising… A new principal brought in parent education workshops, student leadership programs and other activities. Even the neighborhood, notorious for gang violence and drugs, had calmed down,” the Los Angeles Times reported yesterday. “Then came the bombshell: photos showing Miramonte schoolchildren blindfolded and gagged… Mark Berndt, 61, a third-grade teacher… has been charged with 23 counts of lewd conduct with children. Another teacher, Martin Springer, was arrested on suspicion of three counts of lewd conduct.”

The happening of this distinct situation, among many others, raises the question of whether it will be more difficult for men to obtain teaching positions.

I personally do not deliberate that the level of difficulty for men to get a job as a teaching professional will suffer.
However, I do believe that because of the recent release of skeletons from the closet of Miramonte Elementary, all teachers will be placed under a magnifying glass.

At Miramonte, a social worker has been placed in every classroom and will remain there throughout the entire school year.

Rules that entail all classroom doors remaining open throughout the school day have also been put into place. 

No teacher is allowed to keep students after class thus far, unless the teacher is participating in the after-school program.

Parents are also welcome to visit the classrooms during instructional time.

The previous accommodations that have been made just go to show that not only are men affected by these recent incidents, but all teachers are being affected by it.

The schoolhouse is like a home away from home, and a teacher should act as a second parent.

When parents drop their kids off at school they feel like they are taking their children to a clean, safe environment that is conducive for learning.

Parents who were worried about their children’s safety at Miramonte Elementary protested against all teachers being evaluated, not just men. 

“About 100 protesters showed up at the school because they opposed the disruption of removing everyone from the principal to the custodian for the rest of the school year,” as stated by Fox News.

As a result of these protests, Fox also revealed that “the school had been shut down for two days while it found replacements for the entire school.”

The Los Angeles Unified School District, in addition to the parents of the children attending Miramonte, could furthermore care less about the gender of the teacher. Their only focus was to completely flush and purify the school’s staff.
This is the attitude that parents everywhere will take. 

Parents nationwide will develop a sense of suspicion for every teacher who bears the responsibility to care and educate their children.

At this point, the larger concern would be that of the public school system taking a hit because of this unfortunate incident. 

Parents will be more likely to enroll their children in charter schools.

Charter schools are known to have a smaller population of students, which is beneficial due to the fact that it results in having a smaller community, thus, when you have less you can see more.

More eyes are placed on the educators, and this gives the on-site administrators more time to visit and do classroom observations of their teaching methods.

Events that involve child abuse taking place at school destroy the trust of school systems and their staff as a whole, not just the men who are working for them. 

The skeptical nature that has formed throughout these entities will involve all prospective teachers undergoing a thorough background check.
As far as districts being skeptical about exactly who they hire to educate students, everyone will be completely held accountable for the children’s academic growth, safety and well-being.

ajai guyot