Happy Wife, Happy Life


It’s always the moment when my hair falls just right, the sun is in the perfect spot, and I couldn't have worn a better outfit - I like to refer to this as “the perfect instagramable moment.” Then those infamous words leave my lips, “hey honey, would you mind taking a photo of me right now, I’d love to post it to instagram?” This is the absolute worse question I could ask my husband. He dreads hearing these words just as much as I dread speaking them.

My heart immediately begins racing and I can feel myself getting irritated, because let’s face it, I know this photo is about to be horrible. This is the very reason I purchased my iPhone X, the one with the portrait and studio mode. I know he sucks at taking photos, so I figured having a super awesome iPhone would assist him in the area he so lacks.

Nevertheless, My husband grabs my iPhone from me (already looking defeated) and rolls his eyes in preparation of the shot. I strike a pose, then he stands there for five minutes, clicking away. Once he’s finished taking over 100 photos of me in the same exact pose, using the same exact angle, capturing the same exact lighting, I ask, “did you get any good ones?” My husband typically responds “you’re going to love these!”

I take the phone from him and to my lack of surprise, what do I see? 150 photos of the same blurry picture and for some odd reason, there’s usually always some awkward piece of trash highlighted in the photo. This is the moment when the gloves come off. I get so upset, we throw digs at one another, and it all ends with me wondering why he’s literally the only person in the entire world who is capable of capturing all my worse assets at once. Deep down inside, I ask myself “if he truly loves me, then why can’t he take a decent photo of me for my instagram page?” Then I’m left wishing there was an answer to solve this always-existing problem.

That said, I’m happy to share the most wonderful news I’ve received thus far in the year 2019. This is news that will save marriages, friendships, and just relationships in general. That news is: Pelooc.

Pelooc is an app that allows people like myself to book phototakers on the spot. These are phototakers who can capture a moment and tell the story we want through visual content. Basically like the "Uber of photography!"

Pelooc has created a mobile-shoot option to really make photography accessible to everyone, and to create vibrant content even with a smartphone camera. All “Photolovers” like myself,  have to do is sign on and search for a “Phototaker.”

From there we can:

  • select which service we need (whether it be photo shoot only, or photos + editing),

  • locate the phototakers in our area, explore their profile and check out their portfolio,

  • then select our favorite phototaker and book our shoot instantly,

all in just a few clicks!

But wait, it gets better, not only can we use this app to book a Phototaker on the spot, but there is also an option for us to schedule a Phototaker for a future date. On Pelooc we can find all levels of phototakers that meet our different needs and budgetsIn a nutshell, this app allows us the option to easily book a photo shoot with a mobile, to inexpensively create instagram content, or with a camera, to produce more professional looking images for social media posts, blog articles, and websites. We also have the option of viewing a phototaker's profile to check out their editing skills, specialties, and the gear they use. For me, this means a happy and healthy marriage! Our arguing-over-horrible-photography days are over. Pelooc is the answer to both my husband and my prayers.

Now all we have to do is find an app that decides what we should eat for dinner.


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