History of your favorite fashions: Combat boots

Almost every modern girl has a pair of trendy combat boots in her closet.

The combat boot is a trend that has managed to be very successful in capturing the attention of all types of women — the girly-girl, the tomboy, the chic girl and the bohemian free-spirit have fallen for the charm of the combat boot.

Not many people are aware of the combat boot’s origin.

The combat boot, as its name implies, was originally created for men in the military.

The shoe was initially referred to as the “hobnail combat boot,” because it was constructed with hobnails, which were short nails with thick heads. The hobnails were located on the outsoles and iron inserts in the shoe and were intended to protect the soles of the shoes.

The hobnail was incorporated into the boots design so that it would be easier for soldiers to travel through any type of environment as they prepared for battle.

The boot was said to have provided good traction during movements of the soldiers. They also offered versatility in the fact that they were deadly enough to be used as a weapon against enemies.

The hobnail boot was not the only showstopper on the battlegrounds.

The trench boot was also a popular item among soldiers.

The trench boot was an adaption of the Hessian boot, which was used all the way up until World War I by soldiers traveling on horseback.

Trench boots were also used as a military boot, and were designed to meet the needs of soldiers participating in trench warfare. They were constructed with a thicker sole and were made water resistant in order protect soldiers from blisters and foot diseases.

Today the boot continues to serve many purposes, and it comes in a variety of trends that cater to all sorts of girls.

Samantha Nava, 20, an undeclared major, is the type of girl that combat boots are designed for.

“I am more of a relaxed, girly type of dresser, so I prefer a combat boot that is leather and that has studs on it. I’ve always wanted brown combat boots so I’m looking to invest in some of those really soon.”

Not many accessories offer as much versatility as the combat boot.

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